Hammer Time with Cyndi Lauper

I walk into our bedroom, bent on convincing my husband that we need an L-shaped sofa like the neighbors so that we can maximize our living room space. 

After my brief lament-schpiel, he looks at me with a funny grin and says, "You know what I'm thinking?" 

Me: [perturbed that my schpiel had been punted] "What?"

Him: "I'm thinking girls just want to have fun."

Me: [silently pondering how much I have to do and how I'm too old and too tired for noonday antics] "What the heck does that mean?!"

Him: "Can't you hear it?" [He points to the wall adjacent to our neighbor's house.]

I listen closely, and sure enough, "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" is blaring on the speaker of someone intermittently jackhammering (presumably through concrete). 

He laughs. I laugh. We both have a good laugh. End of antics.

Funny, Honey. Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got things to do like taking down the Christmas tree from 2021.

Oh, and as for the name of that song, anyone from Cyndi Lauper's generation knows...


Girls Just Want A Cup of Coffee