Peaches On My Mind


Life is peachy!

Is there anything sweeter than a fresh-off-the-tree peach during the summer? For a long time, this Texas girl was not aware that there could be anything sweeter than my tea!

Straight outta Georgia, this company has its own peach tour, and they just happened to be passing through our neck of the woods this summer. The process was SO super easy! After I located their nearest tour stop on their website, I made a reservation, wrote the date on my calendar, waited as impatiently as a child on Christmas Eve, drove to the designated pickup location at the specified date and time, and I waited in line maybe 10 minutes, then all 56 glorious peaches were mine all mine!

We made delectable gluten-free peach cobbler, palate pleasing peach ice cream, and brown sugar peach jam. We also decided to share all that sweet, juicy goodness with a couple of lucky winners... a sweet neighbor who had just come home from surgery and a friend who turned 40! Then, we froze a few dozen to enjoy at a later date!

If you don't have the opportunity to go pick fresh peaches yourself, order some from The Peach Truck! You'll be glad you did!

To order yourself some delicious, peachy goodness, click here


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