I Feel Like Such A Doppio


Photo Credit: ©JollyPotayto
Photo Credit: ©JollyPotayto


So, what makes getting a simple cup of coffee so difficult? Besides the fact that kids demand your time, attention and energy, and you either make it and forget it, make it and proceed to lose it, OR you get so distracted that you forget to even make yourself a cup? Well, that pretty much sums it up, but let’s look at some specific scenarios.

Take breakfast for example. You’re running around the kitchen, scrambling eggs, feeding little faces, doling out sippy cups, working around dirty dishes, toasting bread, mixing juice with water (because it’s healthier, don’tyaknow?), and then your brain begins to go numb as you hear over and over, “Mommy… umm… mommy… umm… mommy umm umm ummmmmmm…” 

The next thing you know you’re putting the cheese in the bread box, the orange juice in the pantry, and your car keys are in the refrigerator. Plus, the fact that these items have been misplaced doesn’t even phase you anymore because, well, you’re a mom. Now, after you find your cold keys next to the cold brew, you realize you have to go out in public to grab some more groceries for the next feeding frenzy at the zoo, formerly known as your house. And, all at once, when you run into that friend you haven't seen in years, you realize that your secondary education vocab flew right out the window with your grocery list, and now your best conversation with an adult is “yea, well, you know, umm…so, anyway…but um…yeah.” 

Time for a doppio, sister. And, I’m not referring to me or you.