Squirrel on a Hot Aluminum Pool Enclosure

Sometimes when you have nothing else to write about because.... COVID, you find the excitement in the mundane.

Every day this squirrel hops on our pool enclosure here in S. Florida and drives our mini weiner dog MAD. 

Bark bark bark bark bark.

I spray the squirrel with a stream of water from a spray bottle. The squirrel does a cirque-de-soleil worthy jump onto the neighboring palm leaves. 

End of barking.

Before I squirt the squirrel, I take a quick pic. 

She's cute. ADORBS. Part of me wants to hug and squeeze her. The other part of me... GET DOWN, you're going to rip a hole in our $$$$ screen!

But, for now, cuteness...

I wonder if squirrels like coffee.


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