Mondays, Mondays... Da Da Da Da Da Da...



Am I right? 

Though cliché and somewhat repetitive, there’s always a personal twist to the universally cringe-worthy phrase, “You know it’s a Monday morning when…” 

So, without further ado, here’s my uncaffeinated version:


You know it’s a Monday morning when…

  1.  You make breakfast for two kids in one pan because you’re running terribly late after having enjoyed non-farmer’s hours during the weekend. Breakfast consists of two scrambled eggs on one side of the pan and one semi-scrambled, burnt omelet on the other.
  2. Your coffee… well, there’s no time for that.
  3. You slice your thumb on the way-too-sharp-to-hand wash blade of the very smoothie maker that’s supposed to help you concoct things to make you healthy, happy and whole.
  4. You glance back in your review mirror as you drive out of the neighborhood, only to observe one kid eating a piece of burnt toast with a dollop of butter on top (because who has time to spread that?) and the other slurping down “Best By [TODAY]” yogurt from a styrofoam cup, the remnants of which will probably live in your backseat until they turn into something acceptable for the school’s science fair this coming fall.
  5. Your eyelids feel like they weigh 10 lbs. because, well, see #2. 
  6. SIX?! Isn’t five enough?! Go have some coffee! You know it's a Monday morning, for Pete’s sake!