A Shindig for Breakfast


A funny little word that I always thought was Texas-specific and meant something like party or shindig or get-together. Well, apparently, a hootenanny isn't just a shindig. It's also a breakfast breakthrough!

Say you're in the kitchen, and you yell up at your kids, "Hey, whadday'all want for breakfast?!:" And, they reply, "Why good morning, Mother. Thank you for asking. We'd like some French toast, please, and thank you."

After you wake up from your brief stint with a shock-induced fainting spell, you schlep toward the kitchen in your holey-toed slippers and soon realize... WHOOPS... we have no bread. At this point, it is PERFECTLY acceptable to just dish out bowls of cereal. No judgment here.

BUT... for the foodie (who really wants a chance to experiment with her food photography camera and lens), and the mom who's not too tired to be hungry for more, this calls for a hootenanny! Not just a party... a party in your mouth.

The recipe I used was from a website called Buns in My Oven. And, no, I do not want or need another bun in my oven, but a hootenanny I can handle. You're never too old for a hootenanny, ya know? Don't ya just love how that rolls off your tongue? Hootenanny... hootenanny... hootenanny...

So, basically, it's a baked French toast without all the overnight soaking in egg mixture and waiting. And, instead of bread, you use flour! Tada! I even subbed GF flour, and voila! A hootenanny! 


Below are the pics for you to slobber over. Meanwhile, get yourself over to Buns in My Oven. You won't be disappointed. Neither will your children.

By the way, did I mention hootenanny goes VERY well with COFFEE? 

Oh, the bubbly goodness! Never mind the well-loved oven.

And, that's what a hootenanny should look like! (I think.)

What makes it BERRY delicious? Frozen fruit + Grade B Maple Syrup
heated in my other oven while the hootenanny puffed up.

And, to top it off... homemade maple syrup whipped cream.

Edge pieces have the best texture.

The hootenanny is best paired with a bold, fruity coffee.
(Or any coffee, really. Any coffee to wake me up will do just fine, thank you.)

Until the next cup...