Giving Thanks for Memories

Thanksgiving. We all tend to give THANKS just a little more attention during this season of turkeys and dressing. How could we not? There's so much food to be had on so many of our plates! That, in and of itself, should be cause for great celebration and thanks to the Giver of all good gifts. And, yet... there's something I'm even more thankful for this year. Something I'm actually missing very much. Something not food related. And, if you know me well, you probably just let out a big "GASP!"

Yes, something more important than food is on my mind this week: Family. Friends. Fellowship. I guess I could sum up all three of those into one word...Memories.

At a time in our lives when we've moved once again to another state and left behind friends and family who were practically within arm's reach, I am so very thankful for all the memories we've created in the past. Those memories carry me from year to year. I cherish them. I pull them out like an old record, dust them off and play them over and over again in my mind. Smiling, swaying to the sounds of happiness lingering inside my head. If I pause long enough, I can still hear them. Sounds such as...

  • the rushing madness of five women vying for the same two ovens, mixing, scraping, cracking, stirring. All sounds of swift hands preparing their parts like the fine tuning of instruments before the orchestra serves up its main course. 
  • the melodic beats of little legs plodding up and down stairs, racing toward the front door, slamming it shut behind as a brisk wind echos the exit of valiant football players and carefree twirling ballerinas.
  • the hum of all members of the day chatting, clinking glasses, dinging plates with forks, laughing, reminiscing, enjoying, savoring. And, then savoring some more.
  • the roar of the post-meal football game and men grunting at painful mishaps, cheering wildly at well-deserved wins. 
  • the 'I love yous' as good-byes are exchanged, the lingering dialogue unrelenting as children circle with impatient, sugar-induced energy.

Yes, these and more I will savor this year more than the homemade cranberry sauce on my plate (and, I love me some cranberry sauce). For my figurative plate is full. And, as in Psalm 23, "my cup runneth over." This week we will make more memories. Different memories. And, I'll tuck them away for yet another year. And, as the years go by, I'll have so many memories to choose from, I'll have to wear my stretchy pants while I reminisce!

Happy Thanksgiving 2018, Everyone!