This Beautiful Mess

Typically, one does not look at a mess and think to themselves, ‘oh, how beautiful!’ And, yet… some of the most beautiful things in life tend to be a bit… well, disheveled to say the least. At times I’ve tried to reconcile the mess and convince myself that it’s only going to be this way for a short while. Inevitably, the mess is always there. Lurking. Simmering. Waiting in the wings. Whatever terminology you care to add… it’s always messy. This life.

None of us have perfect lives. Not even the most seemingly perfect among us. There’s always something out of place. Something askew. Something imperfect. Teaching us to embrace something a little (or a lot) less than perfection, like a fine piece of splatter paint art.

Sometimes if you stare at your mess long enough, you’ll see that it is downright beautiful in its own right. 

Just as a person who’s as blind as a bat needs a pair of spectacles to see, we too need a better set of lenses to look through if we are to make it in this light-starved world

The worldly spectacles we’re born with? Dollar store quality. Fling those puppies into the nearest garbage can. ASAP.

It's eye examination time, friends. 

Which lens are you looking through? Yours or HIS? Do you see clutter? Chaos? Eyesores?


Do you have an eternal perspective on this beautiful, sanctifying, redeeming, heart shaping, mercy-filled mess?

©2015 Helen Green