Get Away From Me, You Crepe!

I love crepes.

Big ones. Little ones. Ham and cheese ones. Butter and sugar ones. NUTELLA ones. You name the crepe... I'll eat it.

BUT [why does there always have to be a mention of "buts" when we talk about food? My kids would totally think that was funny, btw.]

BUT... crepes are made with flour, and flour is made from wheat. Wheat contains gluten, and gluten is [looks left, looks right]  e   v   i   l.

So, what's a girl to do? I search the internet for paleo crepes, gluten-free crepes, crepes without flavor, crepes that lack umph, crepes that will make you NOT want to slap ya mama. (See Tim Hawkins for reference)

Gluten-laden recipes are no exception. I'd say that about 75% of the typical crepe recipes out there don't even come close to the crepes we mercilessly devoured while roaming the streets of Paris, France. Ahhhhh.... PAIR-EEEEEEE!

Flash back with me, if you will, for just a moment while I savor my long lost "crepey" friend. Just look at it lying there in all of its  f l u f f i n e s s...

Delicious, no?

My husband and I were so enamored with crepes that, at one (particularly hefty) point in time, we bought ourselves a crepe maker.  I pretty much had the almost-Parisian-crepes recipe memorized, and over and over we'd churn out these lovely round discs of delicious, fluffy, eggy, stretchy, yumminess!

Then, one day...
I had to go and learn all about gluten and Wheat Bellies and all that life altering information. Sigh.

I've tried several "healthy" recipes since that time, and I'm confident. Confident that I'm doing something really really wrong because none of my crepes look like theirs!

Fear not, readers. My quest will not stop here. Perhaps, like many who've gone before me and failed or who've even come close, I'll just have to invent my own recipe...

...for others to try; 

...and comment about on their blogs; 

...offering their opinions;

...and, continuing the search for the perfect gluten-free (or paleo) crepe.

Arevoir, crepes!