May our times be those where no walls will ever stand.
Let's lay aside the image we see. 
It's gettin' heavy anyway.
So, don't be afraid that I won't like who you are, 'cause I've decided to stand by you.
You with all your differences.
You 'cause you're just like me.

And so goes the chorus to my friend Charla Rainey's 1995 song "Friends."

A gifted and talented singer she is. She captured the one-word concept I'd like to think we women all fear when we enter into a new friendship, especially in our early 20's or prior...


Yep. Opening yourself up... your TRUE self... can be quite unnerving. However, on RARE occasions, you find a friend who just connects with you. A friend you feel like you've known for 20+ years (that is... if you're over 40 like I am. AHEM.).

Someone you can be silly with and around whom you can just let your hair hang down (even though you've failed to highlight the grays in quite some time).

Sorta reminds me of that song... oh, what is it?


Now I gotta cut loose... foot ... well, you know the rest. After all, we are all [supposedly] connected to Kevin Bacon by 7 degrees of something. Or was it 50 shades of bacon? Or 7 degrees of gray matter? I dunno.

Anywho... I have a friend like this. Well, actually, a wonderful handful I have come across over the years. Seriously like 3... 5 max. The most recent of silly sisters has been my dear, sweet Georgia friend (who's actually from Alabama).

We met in Bible study, and for whatever reason, our inner "goofballs" came out and met, and the rest is history in the making! We've been silly; we've been serious; we've worshiped together; we've lamented together; we've walked; we've semi-run/ran/ranneth (only bc she made me); we've worked out; we've agreed, disagreed, and even agreed to disagree (I think. Though, I may not agree with that decision - ha!).

Though we've contemplated our fame and subsequent fortune all based upon our unequivocally humorous comedienne-wannbe antics, the best we are probably going to muster is an infamous claim to fame for being kicked out of some local venue. Someday. For uncontrollable, boisterous laughter.

Perhaps we'll make it to the 5th or 9th page of the free, local, straight-from-the-driveway-to-the-recycle-bin newspaper. One can only dream.

Here's a recent example of us clowning around. Literally. At Hobby Lobby. A Christian company whose employees probably noticed our ridiculousness but decided to show mercy and just laugh behind our backs on their spherical ball-in-ceiling cameras as they watched the idiocy unfold:

We like big cups, and we cannot lie.

Lucile Goofball and Bozo The Clownette
And, so, here's to friends with whom we can just let it all hang out. And, I don't just mean while trying on clothes in the dressing room together.

I love it when we laugh. I can't believe you'll even smile with me. I love the things you say. Sometimes I wish that I could see you every day. And, for the times that I fail. Just hold on to the One who will not leave you or forsake you, to the One who gave you as my friend. [Credit: "FRIENDS" by Charla Rainey]

Long live the laughter!

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  1. A rare find indeed. Glad that God has blessed you with true friendships!

    1. Thanks for reading, Kim. Yep, I am blessed. I have very little family to speak of (mom and dad are deceased), but God has provided family members within the body of Christ. i.e. friends. Thanks for letting me link up to your site!


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