Winter In A Rearview Mirror

This was one of those shots...

"Rearview Winter" by Ruth Fix ©2014
The more I look at it, the more it "speaks to me." I don't mean that in a mystical way. Rather, artistically, I have already extrapolated a few thoughts:

1. I hate winter (especially when it's bitterly cold, and I'm stuck inside the car taking pictures through the window rather than perched nigh unto my subject(s)).

2. Seasons belong in this "framework," if you will. They are all going to eventually be behind us. In the past. Life moves forward. The past remains. In the past. Behind. This is especially comforting to those of us who are looking forward to warmer times and less ice on the roads.

3. Beauty can be found in the least expected places. My rearview mirror? Really? But, in a funny, quirky sort of way, it appears that the real snow on the mirror is actually on the ground under the tree that's just a reflection. Things that make you go... 'have you been sleeping much lately?' ;)

4. Looking backwards and reflecting on what's in the past can be a beautiful thing. These actions remind us where we've been, encourage us on where we're headed, and help us to embrace, even appreciate, where we are (i.e. the ol' "here and now").

5.Though the cold was bitter (to a Texan, that means 12 degrees... actually it means 40, but it was 12!), the crevices, nooks of branches and roofs upon which the snow landed seemed to be intentionally patterned. Lovely and pleasing to the eye, these unexpected findings were quite warming!

I hope you enjoy this picture as much as I.

I think more than the pic, I'm really diggin' the title. Maybe it should be a movie? (hint: Rearview Mirror...eeek)... Nah!

'Til your next cup of joe,

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  1. I must agree with your bits of wisdom acquired from this shot. It's a great shot but only a temporary reminder that spring will eventually show up!

  2. Love this list...and that photo is so cool!

  3. Great image and I love thought number 2. In the midst things seem never ending but the one day you are on the other side of it.

  4. Love this capture and your musings... I'm a reflective person, too often looking back (to my dismay at times), so I really appreciate #4. Thank you for visiting my blog, so nice to discover yours!

  5. winter seems to make you philosophical:) Glad I ran into you!


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