The Lazy Crafter's Chalkboard Wall

So, I've been wanting chalkboard paint for a LONG while so that I could paint the top of my children's terribly marked up wooden IKEA table; however, I kept putting it off looking for something NON-TOXIC. Finally, I happened upon some at Target today (though I'd seen it before at Wal-Mart but ignored it because I was way too busy, too tired, and too... well, tired).

So, I bought it! Today. Came home. No time to paint. Gotta pick up kids at carpool.

Back from carpool I couldn't decide whether or not I wanted to paint over the laminate cabinet side or start with something less "main floor" such as my daughter's bookcase.

So, the chalkboard paint went up and down the stairs with me several times, opened, closed... sigh.

Finally, when I settled on the old Nike "Just Do It" slogan, I began to draw a template of a frame so that my chalkboard, when painted, would be nice and straight. I decided to use a piece of... you guessed it, CHALK.

Well, lo and behold, the laminate acted just like a chalkboard. So, umm... why do I need to pull my hair out and go into OCD mode making sure all the lines are straight and the coats are dry and the paint is cured, blah blah blah? NO NEED!

Welcome to the lazy crafter's chalkboard wall. Courtesy of my builder who used veneers on the sides of my cabinets. Yay me. Who knew?!


p.s. This is why I do not have a crafter's blog. ;)

Cup of the mornin' to ya,


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