Picklin' and a Grinnin'

This summer we had a fun little adventure mosey-ing over to our friends' farm. Well, it's actually 5 acres of land, with a whimsical house of sorts that boasts a 21st-century barn-red home and a smallish garden filled with 'maters and cukes (a yankee term) and a few other delicacies for the resident varmints to try and eat before our friends got their fill.

At any rate, the beauty of farming is all but lost in today's modern society of "grab and go" at the local grocery store. Not to mention a lot of the offerings are [gasp] from a whole other country! And, I don't mean Texas.

So, without further ado, let's look at some photos of said farm and the fruits (and vegetables) of hours and hours of labor and care.

Take a look at those tomatoes... I'm not a tomato person, but YUM! Those look like grapes, and my kids ate them as such. Amazing. So colorful in both form and taste!

Well, hello there little baby watermelon. He (she?) was shy. ;) Either that or it saw my kids trampling the other vegetation under foot and it backed away slowly.

Now, this is the funny one! What's so funny about a cucumber you ask? Well...pickle worms, actually. And, what's so funny about pickle worms you ask? Well... these nifty little sacks that my friend sewed to keep the pickle worms out, specifically, actually.

I can't remember the first funny name she attached to this invention, but I personally dubbed it the cucumber... conundrum? ... condor? Oh, what was that "c" word? I'll let you grown-ups figure it out. ;)

(Now, for those who are serious about their gardening/farming, this was just a simple piece of painter's cloth of some sort -- stitched up one side and down the other). Pretty neat! Turns out necessity AND pickle worms are the mother(s) of invention.

Ahh, the iconic busy bee. Look at him go! He was pollinating. I'm not sure how, but I know he was successful just by looking at all that good food! And, hey, our friends were thankful for the extra help. 

And, finally, the moment these two love/farm birds got to hang up their hats for the day... Whew! I'm tired just thinking about it. Time for some lemonade!

Happy Thursday!

Until the next cup,

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  1. I love a summer garden. We do a couple raised beds each year and those tomatoes are one of my favorite crops. We get tons of them and eat them all summer long!

    1. I'm excited to try my first raised beds in GA! We'll see how it goes. The German Shepherd pup may not cooperate. ;) hehe.

  2. This makes me look forward to summer!

    1. Me too. I actually feel warmer when I look at these pics. Otherwise, I'm freezing!!!

  3. What fun to see a summer garden in the middle of winter! These are happy, sunny photos. Love that close-up of the bee. I try to get those and it seems the little guys fly away by the time I get them in my focus.

    1. I love bees. He's the second one I've been able to capture. They always remind me of how, as a mom, I'm always hopping from one thing to the next. And, if you've never heard the song "Busy as a Bee" by Frances England, you must give it a whirl. :)

  4. pickle worm sacks - who knew?!


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