What Light Through Yonder Winter Breaks?

Seasons, it can be argued, are what make life palatable.  

By this, I mean... if all were the same all the time, life might just taste a bit bland and boring. 

Though seemingly endless dreary days can elicit feelings of woe and dismay, the lackluster grays are laced with silver linings, if we but dare to peek outside into the world that extends beyond ourselves.

Hiding within the depths of dormant branch, a solemn blue jay sits in wait. For what? I do not know. But, to behold her beauty and the loveliness with which she was created is a wonder and a joy.

Jesus reminded his disciples not to worry. About anything. For the Lord
feeds the birds of the air. And, how much more important to Him are we
than this hungry little female cardinal?

Having found a bit of sustenance, the male prepares for "lift off." On to the next venture.

This handsome guy sits and calls to his friends. Back and forth they banter until one decides to fly to where the other has indicated there's work to be done and food to be had.

Then, just when you think that the gray is too much, and the sun will never show its face again, a peaceful hush descends and all is well. 

We embrace the winter solstice and bask in the inevitable changes that come as the world turns, the children grow, and the clock ticks on. And, then...

The sunshine is back, and we bid it a hearty, "WELCOME!"

The newfound joy of the winter season continues with foods, friends...

...tea parties, flowers...
...and the warmth of fireplace flickers.

And, alas! The Christmas season is back in focus. The season of joy, the season of hope, the season during which we draw upon one source... the brightest breaking day of all... the Son. The One who came to live a perfect life, to take on our dark, sinful, weary and dreary burdens and shed LIGHT into our darkness so that we might, through faith in Him, have a right standing before the very Creator of the universe, the clouds, the rain, the winds, the birds, the seasons, the trees, the mist, and yes, even the sun.

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  1. Beautiful post and images, Ruth! I love seasons, mostly. I would love a great big snow for Christmas, but that's hardly likely.

    1. Thank you, Kim. I would LOVE snow too! Last year we were SPOILED in Texas with a WHITE Christmas! Can you believe it??? Now, my 5-yr-old thinks it's going to snow again here this year. Oh, the disappointment. Of course, last year I laughed when she thought it would snow in Dallas on Christmas. Ya never know!!! ;)

  2. your images are beautiful. I have come to enjoy the winter months. Snow is so pretty and even gray is comforting.

    1. Thank you. Yes, I have learned to enjoy the gray. However, a nice bright sunny day every few days seems to help keep me dancing to the Christmas music. ;)

  3. I especially love your capture of the cardinal sitting on a branch - so colorful!

    1. Thank you. That's very kind. He was one of my favorites. Just love how he looks so cute and cuddly... feathers puffed. :)

  4. Beautiful post! Love the pretty birds you captured,… and the stone fireplace is so dreamy and inviting :)


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