Mother of the Year Tip #4,782 - Nap Towel Prep

How to get your pre-schooler's nap towel (i.e. Rapunzel beach towel) to school in Mother-of-the-Year style:

Friday (the week before): Ignore it in the backpack ... It's Friday, and you have 4 days. No sweat.

Sunday Night: Panic! Then take a deep breath. There's no school on Mondays.

Tuesday Morning: Arrive at school, gasp, mutter a few curse words under your breath, and pleasantly explain to the teacher that you're an exceptionally busy mother. ;)

Wednesday: Put the towel in the washer. Rationalize your tardiness by saying to yourself, 'the beanbag chair is fun for her, and she liked it yesterday.' No rush.

Thursday Morning: Place towel in dryer.

Thursday Night: Take towel out of dryer, fold neatly, and place on top of dryer. IMPORTANT: Do not place towel in backpack. Efficiency and competence may occur.

Friday Morning: Explain to the teacher (again) how busy you've been and how the towel was, in fact, clean and ready to go. Remember, she's laughing with you... not at you.

Reward yourself with a Starbucks coffee for making the effort. Oh, and don't forget to schedule a manicure. MOTY Awards are coming up!