My dear friend Robyn Feldberg once lamented that if her blog had been a child, CPS would have been called and charges of neglect would have been filed. Ah, yes. 'Tis true that the most well-intended writers find themselves either in a bit of a slump or most likely in a bit of a crazy, fast-paced, run-away-train tempo of life. Day after day, we think about our blogs. We want to nurture them. Pour ourselves into them. Dust them off, clean them up and show them to the world again.

But, alas! We. Are. Just. Too. BUSY!

Sooooooooooooooooooooo (that's a technical term that I had to look up on thesaurus.com, which means "ergo"), I decided to create a Facebook page for my beloved I Just Want A Cup of Coffee blog. This has solved two problems for me. Well, three, really:

1. I can quickly write down my musings without taking the time to login to Blogger and write a lengthy post, and then edit, edit, edit and edit some more until some arbitrary level of writing perfection is attained.

2. For those who actually like to read all about my daily grind, my musings are shorter and more palatable because I know that, you too, are busy busy busy.

3. Those who read my personal Facebook page are spared from having to read about my motherly musings. They're left with all of the other drivel I love to dispel.

Alright, so... what if you don't have a Facebook account? Well, I'll be back from time to time to post something lengthier, weightier and earth shattering (well, almost). Or, perhaps somehow I'll overcome my inability to manipulate the HTML on my blog and figure out how to include a Facebook feed for everyone to enjoy... er, read... er, glance at while nodding off... er, accidentally run across while flipping through the infomercials at 2 a.m. during peaks of insomnia.

In the meantime, PLEASE don't call BPS (Blog Protective Services).

Until the next cup of coffee brings us together...