Only YOU can prevent hairy legs...

Recently I found myself basking in the glow of the monumental accomplishment of finally getting my legs shaved, when all of a sudden, I lifted my arm in the mirror to put on deodorant and...


... I swear if I squinted hard enough for very long I could almost see Smokey the Bear filming another commercial about forest fires!

If you have children, don't even try to look down at your shoes and pretend that I'm the only one.  No, no... we're in this TOGETHER.

So, tell me... have busy moms become that much busier or is it just that the pioneer women didn't really care if they shaved their legs?  I'd probably have to say B (even though there is no B) because:

A) [oh, NOW, she starts her list of A, B, C]

As, I was saying...because...
A) The men were probably the only ones who had razors;
B) The ladies' dresses were just a tad longer than anything you might see hanging on the rack at Needless Markup (or in my case... Tar Jay); 
C) The winters were brutally cold, at least that's what Laura Ingalls said; and
D) Have you seen pictures of some of those pioneer men? Yeesh!

Speaking of pioneers... who else remembers when the word "razor" actually referred to a razor and not a mode of childhood transportation? 

I think I'll go slop the pigs or milk the cow.  I'm not sure which, but if I see Smokey out there, I'll tell him you said, "Hey."