God Bless This Mess

Have you ever stood in front of the washer spraying your last bit of Oxi-Clean on your children's clothes thinking, 'I wonder if anyone would notice if I just dyed everything brown'?

It goes without saying that kids are messy.  However, there's messy and then there's...
ohmygoshi'mgoingtodieifIhavetocleanupanothermess messy.

When you're little, messes can be pretty comical (from the kid's perspective, of course).  Take, for example, the Hershey's Syrup commercial with Messy Marvin.  Too young to remember?  Click HERE, and you'll get the general idea.

Once you're in your teens, messes start to become a bit of a hassle.  You've got to clean them up or you'll be nagged up one side and down the other.

By college, some if not most people come to embrace their messy side, as there's just not enough time in the day for socializing, education AND cleaning.

During early adulthood, the reality of messes and their consequences begins to set in.  Typically, your first encounter with the big ugly, messy truth is when you sit down to eat your Chinese takeout only to discover that you are completely out of silverware, as evidenced by the pile of dishes in the sink staring back at you, yelling "clean us!"

Let's just skip over the whole messes in marriage topic.  I think we can all imagine that it's something like having a roommate except you're joined in Holy Matrimony in a sometimes unholy mess.

[Fast Forwarding...]

So, now you're serving your kids dinner.  You give everyone milk without the sippy cup top because everyone wants to be a "big" boy or girl.  The next thing you know... "MOMMY!!! TOMMY SPILLED HIS MIII... IIIILK!"

I have to say... I truly think that whoever started the whole "Don't cry over spilled milk" thing never had two preschoolers accidentally dump theirs, within the span of 15 minutes, onto a newly cleaned floor.

So, after you've mustered up the energy to do a two-peat or a three-peat "clean up on Aisle K," you stare at the floor as you scrub, thinking, "How can I get out of this mess?"  Answer:  Pass the buck towel.  And, when your kids are older, go by for a visit, ask for a very large glass of milk and try to contain your laughter!