Desperately Seeking Dessert

I ran, I walked, I conquered.

After that, I had a dinner that that consisted of vegetables and whole wheat tortillas.  Among the veggies were some delicious homegrown, front-yard artichokes, courtesy of my very generous neighbors, Oliver and Lisa Douglas.  [SLURP!]  And, if you're too young to remember the show, "Green Acres," well, then you're just not going to get the previously embedded joke. Sorry.

Anywho... after my extremely healthy (for me, anyway) walk/run and vegetarian-type dinner, I suddenly had a hankering for a little something sweet.  Something my mother-in-law, God bless her, brought back with her from West, Texas.  Not West Texas.  West (comma) Texas.  And, that was... some DEEE-licious apple cake.

So, I approached the refrigerator, salivating.  But, when I opened the door, I suddenly heard the echo of screeching tires in the background.  And, then my mouth went completely dry!  There before me was...


No apple cake.  No apple cake streusel.  No apple cake pie.  No apple cake soup.  Not even a single apple cake crumb.

So, I turned to my faithful backup... C'mon ladies... you know what that is...


And, guess what?

There was NOTHING.

No chocolate.  No chocolate cake.  No chocolate pie.  No chocolate soup.  Not even a single sliver of choc... well, you get the picture.

{deep sigh}

The next best thing?  My backup of all backups???



[insert song from Jeopardy here]


One lonely tablespoon of Nutella

Ahhh.... all is right with the world again.  And, all of the effort I put into running/walking and eating a healthy dinner was rewarded.  Or was it counteracted?

I haven't quite decided yet.

I'm desperately seeking a decision. ;)