And, speaking of...

Last week there were so many running noses at our house, it was like a rhinothon around here!  26.2 Kleenex tissues per nose, to be exact.  

And, speaking of running...

I find it mildly amusing that Americans absolutely, positively refuse to give in to the metric system used by the entire rest of humanity, and possibly extraterrestrial life forms.  Yet, we name our races in kilometers.  For example, "Join us at the Run Your Pants Off 5K!"  Is it so that all of us ignorant Americans become confused and don't realize just exactly how far we are running?  Is there some diabolical European behind these race names?  Dr. Evil, perhaps???  Is it so we'll be disappointed with ourselves at the end of it all?  

Friend 1:  "I just ran a 5K!" 
Friend 2:  "Yeah, but that's only like 3.whatever miles."
Friend 1: Oh. [insert frowny face here]

Now, to add to this messy metric madness, we like to place MILE markers at various spots during the 5 or 10 K!  Is this to attract the metric system converts and then try to throw them off along the way once they are inside? Muhahahahaha!  Someone adjust my line of thinking here if needed, but it seems that the one race where we do use miles (i.e. 26.2) is renamed as a "marathon" so as not to scare away all the people who might be just a tiny bit apprehensive about running a 42.1648128K! Whew! 

And, speaking of the metric system...

I was briefly taught to convert standard units into metric measurements in elementary school.  That is, until the public school system dropped the ball, which weighed approximately 500 lbs. (or was it only 226.796185 kg?).  I dunno.  (See?  I can't even spell.)  And, guess what?  The metric system shows up again in high school Chemistry class.  Surprise!  No wonder I got a B.  Perhaps I might have pulled an A if my teacher had taught me in plain "English" measurements.  Hmph.

And, speaking of grades...

What's with all the hype about becoming a smarter person if you're breast-fed?  As an adult, I have occasionally compared my academic achievements to some folks who were "relegated to the bottle," and I just have to say, I'm not so sure Einstein didn't drink Enfamil.  I mean, really... do we truly think that there are people out there who were nursed as infants sitting around inside some poshy-poo Harvard library saying things like, "If it weren't for those double D's, I might have been a C student"? 

And, speaking of cups...

I just want a cup of coffee...



  1. Thanks, Su. I just saw this. LOL. Shows you how neglected my blog is. ;)


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