Things that make you go...

There are people out there who like to wait until a lake FREEZES OVER.  Then, and only then, do they cut a big hole in the middle and sit around hoping to catch dinner before they die from hypothermia.  Who?!

You order food for 6 kids, 2 adults and a dog (ok, maybe not the dog), and the drive-thru person gives you ONE napkin.  What?!

The kids are sick, and you are running all over the house (perhaps up and down stairs), taking temperatures, dispensing medications, disinfecting humidifiers, etc.   Yet, there has got to be a place you can put everything (like that "toolbelt" on The Wedding Planner) so you don't have to do the "dog chasing his tail" act in the middle of the hallway over and over and over and over.  Where?!

The Sonic carhops always seem to "attack" people with that tray of condiments even before their final order of tater tots has scarcely crossed the airways.  When are they going to learn that the word "extras" means "in addition to"...  When?!

Chicken salad stays fresh in those Debbie Meyer green containers for TEN DAYS! Yet, there is no off-camera vomiting, so I'm told.  How?!

Toddlers will sometimes spit out the portions of a mommy's cooking for which they have not yet developed a culinary appreciation.  Yet, not fifteen minutes later, they may be found chewing on pieces of Nerf footballs, corners of board books and random pieces of furniture.  Why?!

The answers to these questions and others like them... when we return.  We now pause for a station break.