A Timer Set is a Potty Forgotten

Mothers have quite an enormous job with much to think about, do and recall.  From our children's birth dates, birth weights and last date of BM to the wet load of laundry that suffered a cruel, moldy death because we sat it on top of the dryer for an eternal 15 minutes while we tried to throw in just one hand-washed bra so that we could get out the door to our next appointment [pant, pant, pant].  Which brings me to yet another Tail from the Diaper Pail...

This person shall remain nameless to protect the innocent.  But, let's just say that a kitchen timer was set for 30 minutes.  Thirty minutes later a look of confusion crossed the face of a once keen and highly-organized young mother.  Thirty minutes LATER a five-year-old sibling says to the mother, "The two-year-old isn't wearing any pants!"  At which point, the young mother realizes, the timer that had been set an hour before was for the potty training two-year-old.

From time to time, I hear stories from friends who literally thought they had gone crazy at various points in time only to find out that the rest of motherdom (if I may use a non-word) does some of the very same "crazy" things.  For example, one friend recounted how she had caught herself in an attempt to place a jug of orange juice in the pantry.  Then, later that same day she could not find her car keys because during the process of unloading her groceries, she had also unloaded her keys... in the vegetable bin of the refrigerator!  Another friend said once that she and her husband have a running joke:  'If you can't find the cheese, just look in the bread box.'

If you need me, I'll be in the pantry setting a timer to throw some cheese in the dryer.