Prickliest Mommy on the Block

Each semester back in college, during particularly stressful study weeks (a.k.a. "hell week"), a gaggle of us geese and ganders would flock over to the local Denny's for all-night study sessions, last minute "tweaking" of term papers and some (you guessed it) COFFEEEEE!!  

Of course, after all was said and done, it was not uncommon for one to fall asleep in what you had already been wearing for about a day or two and then roll right out of bed onto the elevator, out the dorm entrance and down the walkway to your class where you drooled on your paper and somehow eeked out a passing grade or better.  

After pulling an all-nighter and emerging from an exam looking like something out of night of the living dead (only it was morning),  I felt like the entire world could smell my scent.  Yet, it was definitely NOT the kind ANYONE would want to market or spray onto one of those cute little business cards to hand out to passers-by at the mall!  

However, it wasn't until I graduated from college and obtained a full-time job that I was hit with two realities:  1) staying up late was not as much fun as it used to be and 2) personal hygiene is dictated by company policy; thereby, nullifying all excuses for missing a daily shower.  Until.... pum pum pum pum...MOTHERHOOD.

It was not until I'd had my second child that I overheard a friend say that she was in the "three day club."  Oh, how relieved I was to hear that my lack of time and energy had a label... a name... a validation!  My children were fed, bathed, changed, powdered, lotioned, and rocked but I hadn't had a shower for days!  Let's just say the oil slick on my hair could very well have put BP to shame.

Recently, my now five-year-old looked down at my legs as I was reading a book to him.  He stated in a surprised, yet matter-of-fact little voice, "You're SPIKEY!"  Followed by, "I can't believe it." [insert slightly embarrassed, moment-savoring laughter here]

Thanks, Darling.  I do it for you.  I don't take the time to shave so I'll have time to read books and sing silly songs with you; I don't stop to lather up so that I may use my time cooking you healthy hidden-veggie dinners, giving you vitamins and cleaning the sticky floor under your table.  I don't pause to rinse or repeat because I need to wash, fold and put away your clothes and pack your favorite snacks for school.  But, you know what?  I love you.  And, I'd rather be the prickliest mommy on the block than the squeakiest any day!

Image:  (c)2009 Ruth Fix


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