It's a HOT, DOGGED Day of Summer

I used to feel sorry for my dog when it was 100 degrees outside because I could only imagine myself wearing a heavy fur coat and not being able to take it off!  Now that I'm older, a few pounds heavier and little more ummm... shall we say hormonally-challenged, I find that I'm actually envying my dog because she looks like she's cooler than I feel!  And, dare I say, I just need someone to throw me a bone every now and then! hahahehehoohoo..ahem.

Now, the saying "dog days of summer," for some reason intrigued me.  So, I looked up a similar word, "DOGGED."  And, these are the synonyms according to Webster:
  • Determined
  • Relentless
  • Strong-willed
  • Stubborn
Well, this Texas weather sure seems to fit that description.  Yet, it also brings to mind a topic that is near and dear to my heart:  TWO-YEAR-OLDS.  Determined...check.  Relentless...check.  Strong-willed...check.  Stubborn...check check.

The following sample "conversation" with a two-year-old is based on a true-story:  

Mmy: Would you like milk?
2YO: No.
Mmy: Would you like juice?
2YO: No.
Mmy: Would you like milk or juice?
2YO: No.
Mmy: Do you want to go outside?
2YO: No.
Mmy: Do you want to stay inside?
2YO: No.
Mmy: What's your name?
2YO: No.
Mmy: How old are you?
2YO: No.

Later that day... 
Mmy:  Did you have fun swimming?
2YO: Swimming!

At long last the determined, relentless, strong-willed, stubborn two-year old gave in, yielded, conceded.  And, at some point, I am hopeful that this gosh dern awful [see Texas dictionary] heat wave does the same!

My sweet neighbor's rescue Greyhounds, Vixen and Luke
You can visit their friends at
Photo by Ruth Fix (c)2010


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