The Hokey Pokey Coffee Dance

At one point in our pre-schooler's life, I was living a Cinderella story. Ok, maybe more of a PRE-fairy godmother Cinderella but I felt a bit pampered nonetheless.  And, if you're a mom who loves coffee in the morning, you'll understand just why I entertain these memories with such fond recollection.
Each morning, I would wake the pre-schooler up, make his lunch, get him dressed and send him on his way with Daddy. And, where do you think I'd end up just as soon as the garage door went 'click?'  That's right, my friend!  Back to bed!  And, when would I wake up?  When my oh so thoughtful prince of a husband would walk tenderly into the bedroom with a grande cup of freshly brewed Starbucks and place it on my nightstand, right under my sniffer.   Can you smell it?!  mmmm...   Truly, the best part of waking up is not Folgers in your cup.  shhh...

At any rate, those were the days.  The days he was home, that is. On the days when he had to travel, it was hit or miss as to whether or not I obtained my morning cup of joe.  After dropping off the pre-schooler myself, whilst hauling two other tiny tots in the back of the Mom-mobile, I'd come home and find that I still had to jump one teeny, tiny little hurdle in order to reach my beloved infusion of caffeinated goodness:  

...the baby... (awww)

Wouldn't ya know?!  I was "lucky" enough to get her out the door with nothing but her jammies, but after a 45-minute round trip, she knew that to which she was entitled!

So, here's how my "three-kids-three and under coffee dance" went.  Sing it to the tune of Hokey Pokey, if you will:

You hear your baby cry
You pull your coffee out
You rinse a bottle quick
And you wander all about
You add some water to a pan and swirl it all around
Where is my coffee at? (AT?!)

2nd verse:
You add your creamer in 
You shake her formula
Add sugar to YOUR cup
And then microwave, uh huh
You dance around your coffee cup and quickly take a sip
Where is my coffee at? (AT?!)

You run the... booooottle upstairs
You leave your... cooooooffee downstairs
You run the... booooottle upstairs...
That's where my coffee's AT!  

Good night.  You've been a great crowd.  Don't forget to tip your waitress. ;)


  1. Okay, I don't actually drink coffee, but that song is awesome! Am I kicked out of the mom club? ;)

  2. You're a mom extraordinaire (mom of twins to boot)! We would never kick you out! Not that I have that authority. haha. Surely we can apply the hokey pokey song to any number of food related items we moms have a hard time eating in between serving the needs of our sweet children. :)


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